VMware iSCSI Integration: Driving IT Virtualization to New Levels

iSCSI is a low cost alternative to Fiber Channel in terms of virtualization of storage and data center migration to virtual storage.  Most VMware deployments use Fiber Channel for their data storage solution which is more expensive. 

With the emergence of VMware iSCSI union, the virtualization industry has reached a new level of cost effectiveness and performance.  With VMware Infrastructure-3 release, the IT environment and architecture of enterprises has been elevated to a new level.  It certainly magnified the utility of virtualization and increases the productivity of IT deployment.  Improvements can certainly take effect with the integration iSCSI technology to VMware application. 

With the machines going virtual, the storage issues are quickly following the trend toward virtualization.  This can further improve the total virtualization of enterprise IT system. Because of this combination, almost everything now can be stored on a single physical machine thus eliminating the need for high cost data server maintenance. 

Although, the combined technology will surely boosts the efficiency and productivity of IT environments, some sectors suggest caution in plunging head on to virtual storage system.  This is especially true for systems that need to upgrade their Ethernet capabilities. 

It is also advised that planning is still a necessary part of the IT virtualization integration.  Although the iSCSI functionality is an easy to use technology compared to Fiber Channel, it does not mean that companies will do away with careful planning and mapping of their data center and data storage requirements.  This will ensure that the VMware and iSCSI integration can be seamlessly utilized for the virtual IT architecture.

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