VMware Machine Works WOnders

It is not surprising that computers have evolved in a very fast manner. Every now and then, new processors, new operating systems are created. And almost every month, a new software product is being developed. Indeed, the computer age is one of the peak advancements in history and it continues to flourish. Back then, computers were only used by the professionals. But now, people have computers in their homes, offices, schools and communities. Thanks to virtualization, the computer progress has advanced to a fuller level. VMware is one of the great names when it comes to proprietary virtualization.

They have software products that can be bought and some versions are free for download. VMware Inc. has branches worldwide and it continues to cover nations with spectacular innovations. VMware machine desktop software can run on Windows, Linux and Mac. It was founded by Diane Greene, Scott Devine, Edward Wang, Mendel Rosenblum and Edward Bugnion in the year 1998. You can visit their website to have a look at the VMware machine software products they offer. One of which is the VMware workstation that allows the user to run multiple programs with compatible operating systems on a computer. Another is the VMware Fusion which allows Mac users to use VMware machine and other products as well. VMware Player is offered for free but it cannot create virtual machines. However, a VMware Server can possibly create virtual machines in no time. It has a friendly user interface with a similar functionality with other workstations.

In addition, VMware Inc. has made various tools that are available for Linux, Windows, Mac, Sun Solaris and many other operating systems.

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