VMware Mount: Allowing the Virtualization of the Disk Utility

The virtual VMware workstation and server utilize also virtual disk files.  These disk files serve as the virtual storage drive of the VMware program.  This is popularly known as the VMware mount or the VMware disk mount utility.  It is best to mount the virtual storage and disk files in the operating system of the host machine.  This will safe keep the data and information processed on virtual machines and server.  In the event that a system failure on the virtual machine happens, the data can still be retrieved. 

The VMware disk mount utility will allow users to create a mounted virtual disk on the host machine’s operating system.  The virtual mounted disk will be assigned a specific letter on the host system.  The VMware disk mount utility is available for download at the VMware website.  This module can be instantly activated once the end user license agreement has been accepted by the downloading party.  The disk mount then can now be installed on a virtual machine or it can also be installed on the operating system of the host machine.

Installing the disk mount for VMware is quite easy.  There are no complicated technical tweaks that are needed.  Installation is made easier by the availability of an installation wizard which can guide users on the step by step procedure for set-up.  After activating the wizard and accepting the license agreement, the installation can now begin.  The default folder directory should be okay for this installation and just wait for it to finish. 

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