VMware Player Download: New Version with Extra Security Settings

VMware player is a desktop utility that allows users to run and display several virtual machines on a single workstation in Windows and Linux platform.  The VMware Player is a free application and can be downloaded directly from the VMware website.  The Player is very useful especially in using and customizing the interfaces of virtual machines so that it can be easily accessed by users.

Aside from the preconfigured virtual computer system created on VMware workstation and server, the VMware Player can also run the virtualization interface of other Windows based applications such as Virtual PC, Virtual Server, and Symantec Back-up.  It therefore holds the key in running everything that is created for virtual display and functions. 

The current release of the VMware Player is version 2.0.3 on build 80004.  This new version fixes many bugs that have been noticed by users.  The reported bugs and software vulnerabilities have been resolved by VMware thus enhancing the capability of the VMware virtual player to provide access and security to virtual machines as well as shield the host system. 

Several peripheral issues have been resolved also in this latest version of the VMware player such as the capability to accept USB devices on virtual machine ports even without utilizing the resources of the host.  The folder issue on Windows platform wherein shared folders continue to be accessible to everyone has been resolved.  The new version of player allows users to configure the privacy and security settings of Windows shared folders to minimize vulnerabilities of the host system.

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