VMWare Server Serial: The Way to Protect the Download

If you have not noticed it, every time that you are downloading and installing new application software on your computer, the need for a serial number to be entered is a pre-requisite.  The key serial number, usually a combination of alpha numeric, is a way of the manufacturer to protect and seal the download and installation process. There are serial numbers that are universal – meaning, one key is applied to all potential download and installation – and there are others which are dynamic by nature. 

Usually, every attempt to download and install the Virtual Machine software gives you automatically the serial key numbers.  More often, the serial numbers are at the last part of the “What you need to know” section.  At times, before you can get the serial number, you will need to undergo the registration process.  This is the common misconception that people who download software for free – they think that because it is free no registration is needed.  The VMWare  Server requires that you register first.  After having completed the registration process, it is then that you can get your serial number.  This is one way of protecting the manufacturer’s intention. 

Just a witty note for those who wish to download the VMWare Server application, you can actually save the serial key number and have it saved for future use because there are downloads that require the same serial number from previous downloads.  This move actually saves you time from registering at anytime you want to download the same application program.  

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