VMware Workstation 6.0, the Sixth Generation

The VMware Inc, the developer of VMware software introduced its most advanced VMware Workstation 6.0 in 2007.  It is VMware’s sixth generation of desktop virtualization software product.

The VMware Wokrstation 6 supports Windows, Linux, NetWare, Solaris x86 and FreeBSD operating systems.  It featues includes full 64-bit support, industry-first support for up to 10 network interface cards and experimental support for two-way Virtual SMP The following are some of its new features:
1. It supports Windows Vista
2. It supports mulitple monitor or display. Users are able to specify as to how many monitors a VM can detect regardless of the number of monitors attached to the host.
3. It supports high speed USB 2.0 devices such as Apple iPods and fast storage devices.
4. It has ACE authoring capabilities.  The ACE is a security pack that  allows users to securely transport virtual machines on portable media devices such as USB memory sticks.
5. It has integrated Physical-to-Virtual (P2V) functionality where users can create virtual machines by cloning a physical computer
6. It has an Integrated virtual debugger
7. It has a background virtual machine execution.  The system provides a tray icon as to how many virtual machines are running even as you exit the Workstation
8. It has automation APIs where users write scripts and programs that will automate and make it quick for  virtual machine testing support for VIX API 2.0.

The VMware Workstation 6.0 allows users to maximize the benefit of virtualization on their desktop VMware Workstation can be electronically downoladed or purchased on its package retail version. It is considered to be the most advanced desktop virtualization product for industry-standard PCs.

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