VTiger CRM: Providing an Open Source Application for CRM

VTiger CRM offers full open source CRM solutions for small and medium enterprise to large companies and big business.  The open source CRM application of VTiger is supported by all operating systems and platforms.  It can be used effectively both on Windows environment, Linux / Unix distributions, Mac OS, and any other operating system.  VTiger CRM therefore widens interoperability of customer management software and allows many companies to utilize CRM solutions.  A unique feature of VTiger CRM suite is its support for any other third party plug-ins.  Most open source CRM does not have this capability.  With VTiger CRM, all plug-ins can be installed without the hassle of contacting third party vendors and acquiring licenses from them. 

As an open source application, VTiger CRM is cost free and can be deployed immediately after download.  Customers however are reminded to follow the terms and conditions attached to it and other licensing agreements required by any third party plug-in application.

Companies can also opt for a paid VTiger service.  Benefits of a paid service include exclusive 24 hours support service and live customer care support.  A paid account can also request remote installation of VTiger CRM application.  Several support services are also available to paid members such as ticket submissions, email support, phone based customer service, and access to exclusive forums.  Trainings are also available on a request basis. 

Registered subscribers of VTiger CRM application can also benefit from new module developments released over the VTiger network.  Because of its open source nature, individual users can develop their own module and they also have the freedom to share this application to other VTiger subscribers.

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