Want a Salary Upgrade? Be Certified in Prince2!

Why is everyone looking to be certified in Prince2 project management method? Is there really an edge to having that piece of paper declaring you as a Prince2 project management expert? Are the benefits worth it? More importantly, is the effort you invested (i.e. Slaving over your review and sacrificing pleasure time for studying) worth it?

If you must need more convincing evidence that will surely make you think that being certified in Prince2 project management method is worth everything, then you are in for some really surprising – pleasantly surprising, or astoundingly shocking, even – news. According to recent surveys that track down the salaries of different occupations, those who are certified in Prince2 and practice it in their current occupations have one of the highest salaries in the country. How would you like to be at the very top of the salary scale? As it turns out, certified Prince2 professionals average over eighty thousand dollars per annum in the United States alone (some even earn more than that in other cities or metropolitan areas). Outside the country, the same rate applies –especially if the experts come from the United Kingdom (the birthplace of Prince2 project management method) and expatriated into far countries. This piece of information alone is powerful enough to move others into pursuing a career in Prince2 project management method. It will probably take more pages to fully explain the benefits of Prince2 project management, but you will probably agree that this one will already suffice!

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