Ways to Conduct CMMI Assessments

CMMI assessments allow companies to initiate critical process improvement adjustments in order to help the entire organization overcome issues that fetter the corporate productivity and profitability.  A glitch in the business process could result to significant losses for companies.  It is imperative therefore to maintain the business process in its optimal levels through the help of CMMI assessments.

The benefits of CMMI assessments are increasing satisfaction of the company’s customer base, significant reduction of costs of operations, faster product turnover because of diminishing process cycle times.  These benefits are the concrete results of business process optimization.  This optimization can only be possible if companies can regularly assess the implementation of its CMMI program.

A CMMI assessment can be done by an authorized SEI professional.  Usually, these assessments are actually appraisals of the CMMI implementation.  This appraisal is carried out by an external auditor.  However companies can produce their in-house CMMI appraisers as long as the personnel assigned to do the job will be trained by the SEI. 

Third party consulting firms can also provide CMMI assessments.  Professional assessors of a management consulting firm will make a thorough check of CMMI implementation.  After the evaluation process, they can issue a recommendation for improving the CMMI implementation.

Companies need to regularly assess their CMMI implementation.  They can do this through SEI appraisals, in-house evaluations, and consulting firm’s assessments.  The result of assessments will show the current quality of CMMI implementation.  Companies can gain valuable insights from these assessments thus making their management teams more intelligent in improving the business processes.

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