Ways to Prepare for the CCIE Security Exam

The CCIE security exam will test the technical expertise of IT professionals in building different network security protocols as well as configuring IP routing.  This is a component exam track which is a part of comprehensive Cisco-sanctioned CCIE laboratory examinations.

To prepare for the CCIE security exam, IT professionals will have to prepare thoroughly on the theory and practice of instituting security systems over a local network, wide area network, and IP configuring and routing.  Firewall and other network security designs, architectures and troubleshooting should also be addressed during CCIE trainings.  Trainees could get excellent preparation from online CCIE training centers.  There are also class room trainings that could provide one on one CCIE coaching service. 

To successfully pass the CCIE security exam, the trainees must constantly practice on virtual networks.  This would involve many weeks of deigning security protocols and testing it on virtual environments.  In this way, CCIE trainees can measure their level of competence determine their specific skills strengths and weaknesses.  For those who have the means and resources, they could actually build mock networks and train their skills using actual models.  This kind of training can provide excellent network security situations and can prepare the examinees for the actual hands-on tests o CCIE security exam. 

Aspiring CCIE professionals can also take advantage of mock CCIE security exam provided by training center, bootcamps, and network security vendors.  These mock exams will prepare the examinees especially in troubleshooting network security issues under time pressure.  It should be noted that the CCIE security exam is time limited so it would be better to practice on mock exams that mimic this situation.

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