we could call this ITIL V3

ITIL we could call this ITIL V3

• • • • An IT Service mis-managed is an IT Service mis managed..

Whether the IT Service is delivered locally in house or via Cloud based technology.

ITSM will be the saving grace for many Cloud Based Service Delivery companies.

NOT having ITIL or ITSM Processes will have a much bigger impact on business continuity because of the larger scale and exposure.

As client you are very concerned about privacy and security of your data and content…

As the IT provider it is double important to manage expectations and placate nerves at the client site. • When you have a hosted or cloud based solution, try to have the offline version available to you (to mitigate the risk of not having access at all when the internet connection is unavailable). • Be demanding as a client. ( I didn’t manage the project well enough…

I did NOT ask to see the SLA before signing up to the contract and it turned out that the service availability was defined as 95% ping to the server .).

How does the company manage their continuity of services? What is their methodology, what is their proven track record? Ask about the values and policies of the company; what is important to them? Even when you are a small client to this supplier – what service approach do they use? 224 Does ITIL still cover all Service Management aspects when you utilize Cloud Computing? T his week I have been engaged in an email discussion on the subject of the limits of ITIL when it is used in a cloud computing environment.

Should there be an extension to ITIL specific for Cloud Computing environments? (hey – idea, just thought of this..

We could call this ITIL V3.1 or ITIL V4…

Just kidding!).

Following is the summary of some of the emails we exchanged as I thought that it might give some food for thought for other people who work in this space. The question: where does ITIL fall short in a Cloud Computing environment? My initial response is: no-where…

But let me think about this a bit more….. 225 Ivanka’s Blog Articles Does ITIL still cover all Service Management aspects   This is an interesting question as it links in to two (and probably more) factors: • • Do you see ITIL as an operational framework, or as a component of IT Service Management as a whole.

Do you see cloud computing as a collection of various internet / virtual based IT services? Cloud computing is more than only desktop or server virtualization although most organisations are working with Cloud Computing concepts in this context.

Cloud computing is also Software as a Service, Platform as a Service and Storage as a Service, as well as Web based (hosted) database and application services.

When you continue on this train of thought, you can also think about WHERE the ITIL framework is being utilized: at the delivery side of cloud computing services, or at the receiving side of cloud computing services? OK –first scenario: Let’s assume that we are part of an IT organisation that DELIVERS Cloud Computing Services (and SaaS in particular).

Which areas of ITIL are not coherent with this delivery model? Myanswer is easy: NONE.

All components of ITIL are of interest and importance as the SaaS is a service delivery to external customers so you need to consider all phases in the lifecycle from Strategy to Operation and CSI.

You will need to have controls and management structures in place to build a sustainable IT infrastructure that has the ability to deliver the 226 Ivanka’s Blog Articles Does ITIL still cover all Service Management aspects  

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Accredited ITIL Foundation, Intermediate and Expert Certifications

Accredited ITIL Foundation, Intermediate and Expert Certifications, Learn more about ITIL HERE:

ITIL and  we could call this ITIL V3
ITIL - we could call this ITIL V3
ITIL and  we could call this ITIL V3
ITIL - we could call this ITIL V3

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