Web 2.0: CRM Made Easy!

Web 2.0 basically describes how the internet is running today. It includes the improvements and the developments of internet utilization like the presence of blogs, social network, video and photo sharing and others. All of these were embraced and somehow evolved into how businesses are marketing their companies and products today.

Like some experts say, business has accepted the internet as another platform for its operations. With this said, a company cannot avoid using Web 2.0 applications in their business operations. It also discovered the usage of new Web 2.0 applications for customer relationship management.

Businesses have found new creative and innovative ways to market their companies. And since they are in the internet platform or Web 2.0, CRM had to be done in Web 2.0 applications as well. This meant that customers became more involved in the development and even in the improvement of the products and services.

Typically company websites or online stores would now have forums, memberships, message boards, blogs and even video sharing. These provide a venue for customers to express their impressions of the products and their experience using the product. Through memberships, companies are also able to engage in follow up with the customers. They can send emails regarding new ways of using the product or how to maintain certain products, for example. In the case of social networks, marketers are able to target customers better by understanding the interests of their customers. So, what happens really is an exchange between customers and companies. Products and services are created better because of this exchange and customers are better satisfied as well.  All of these are possible because of the Web 2.0 applications.

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