Web 2.0 Ideas That Failed

The World Wide Web is a growing business but it is also considered a fickle business. Although there are many Web 2.0 ideas that were very successful, there are those that were a complete flop. Nobody can really tell the exact factors that contributed to their failure. However, this will be an interesting topic for those who want to learn from the past mistake of others. This is especially true for those beginner website designers.

What are these failures?

1. Syndication, which makes it easy to subscribe to websites and also share Outlook Calendar with others, was a complete failure. There are companies that stopped syndication and even sold the software for a small fee.
2. There are also Web 2.0 ideas that just duplicated other existing ideas already. The issue here is that it can never compete with what was original such as the Windows Live Expo. This was made originally as a response to the popularity of Craiglist. The lesson here is that a website designer may create a website that competes with an established website. But better make sure that it offers something special.
3. Another Web 2.0 idea is a virtual nightclub for people who doesn’t have a social life or for those who are not comfortable socializing in real life. The principle behind this website is to connect people who are frequenting the same venues. The lesson behind this is that never create a website idea that is already prolific in other websites.
4. An online photo back-up site was also created which is meant for users who want to be assured that their photos will be saved. This is just in case when the computer of the user bogs down and he doesn’t have a back up. However, this did not become successful also.

There are many Web 2.0 ideas. However, a designer must be aware of what worked in the past so he does not commit the same mistakes as the others.

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