Web 2.0 Powerpoint Now Available!

Web 2.0 is the term used to call the new developments in the World Wide Web today. According to experts Web 2.0 has presented new and innovative ways of using the internet. While the first phase of the internet was all about reading content on the internet, Web 2.0 is now about “reading and writing.”

Businesses have welcomed these improvements or enhancements of the internet. Web 2.0 applications have given businesses new ways of marketing their products and services. It has also paved a way for better customer relationship management.

On the part of many individual users, online word processing and online spreadsheets have become a possibility. Examples of which are Writely, Thinkfree and gOFFICE. Thanks to these three services, people were able to write documents and make spreadsheets through the web browser. This meant that they were also accessible so the author can edit it anywhere he is. He can also share them with others by publishing what he made and providing people with the links.

The Web 2.0 PowerPoint application was missed for a while. But thanks to Thumbstacks, making PowerPoint presentations through one’s browser now became possible. And just like Writely and gOFFICE, they can be saved, published and shared with other people.

So what Web 2.0 really brings is a new way of using the internet. While businesses have their way of taking advantage of it, Web 2.0 also has benefits for personal users. And although several other experts have questioned its proper definition, it is quite apparent that Web 2.0 has enabled people to do more than just retrieving data and information.

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