Web 2.0 v52 Now Available In PDF

Drawn from the two-day seminar on Web 2.0 held in Rome earlier of 2008, a 33-megabyte PDF version of the presentation on Web 2.0 version 52 was created and made downloadable. Having the Web 2.0 v52 particularly published under the well-known GNU Free Documentation license (GFDL) has made its usage even better. Basically, GFDL gives the user freedom to modify and reuse the material in any way needed or preferred, free of charge. Hence, document user can absolutely benefit from it without any worries.

Following are several beneficial modifications and/or additional features done to the document’s last version.

• Downloading is currently allowable for up to 5.5 million-counts.
• Additional bullet point linked to a YouTube video, allowing some audiovisual definition/description of Web 2.0 (based on a specific Wikipedia article).
• Additional bullet point linked to the sarcastic YouTube’s spoof, “Restaurant 2.0.
• Additional bullet point liked to the Business Week article, “Beyond Blogs.”
• Additional new pages to show particularly the Twhirl – client-side tweet-reader (can run on both Mac and Windows computers); the Twitter website – useful especially for individuals who have not heard about Twitter; and Tweestats, plus further aspects of Twitter.
• Additional fields for Twitter description, which results to a real-time instant messaging, person-to-person correspondence, whereas Twitter is regarded as a baby email that enables an individual to select whose message he/she desires to read.
• Additional bullet point linked to a case study illustrating a particular size of business using Twitter.

These are but few of the many significant modifications and additions on Web.20 v52. Apparently, the author of the material gave substantial emphasis of its impact, overall functionalities, and benefits. Apart from being useful, the PDF proved to be more preferred than any other of its available formats.

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