Web Services And SOA

SOA has become an integral part of many organizations because more and more
businesses today are doing transactions over the internet.  Before the internet became a
common sight among consumers, the transfer of information among businesses had their
own different architectures, programs, processes, and systems.

As consumers grew, standards were set and the service oriented architecture was born. 
Web services were integrated among different companies with different platforms.  It was
immediately adopted by all organizations. 

SOA is a system of providing building distributed systems that are reliable and able to
deliver services such as services through a process of loose coupling.  This enables it to
be easily updated when the need arises.  It is technically a system of design and not an
implementation so it should not be confused with web services.

Web services on the other hand is an implementation of the SOA.  This is a common
sight among purchase-to-order e-commerce sites.  The web services provide information
and inventory control, account management, credit card information and many others in a
secure, and private system.  SOA and web services can be used together but their main
difference is that SOA is an architecture while web services is an implementation.  One
can exist with or without the other.

Web services and SOA are often confused with each other but everyone agrees that this is
the next generation of systems and applications management.  What they offer is an
easier, more efficient and effective business which is has the ability to compete and
survive future technologies without much investment.

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