Web Services SOA JAVA


is a method of building software applications that use services available in a
network, such as the web. It helps in the promotion of loose coupling between
software components. Almost all the applications that are built in SOA are
based on the relevant services. A service is an implementation of a business
functionality that could be used by clients in different applications or
business processes. SOA allows the reuse of existing assets where new services
are created from the existing IT infrastructure of systems.


services are probably the most common technology standards used to implement
SOA. These are software systems designed to support interoperable
machine-to-machine interaction over a specific network. The interoperability
could be accessed through a set of XML-based open standards like WSDL, UDDI and
SOAP. They make defining, publishing and the use of web services possible.
Although the web service is not the only way to implement SOA, it could be used
to develop many components of SOA.


a web service is identified, the client subscribes to it. The Java web service
processes the request made by the Java client and sends it back to the client.
It deals with the typical Java programming language semantics, like Java method
calls, Java data types and others. Sun’s Java Web Services Developer Pack 1.5
or Java WSDP 1.5 and Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition 1.4 or J2EE could be
used to develop the web services to implement SOA. It allows you to build and
install web services in the IT infrastructure from the application server






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