What’s in the Toolkits?


I received an email today from Steve, who read my last Blog, asking exactly “What is in your Toolkits?”….

So today – clarification time…



The purpose of the Toolkits is 2 fold :

1 – Educate (we are an ITSM Education Company afterall) on the process or topic that the toolkit focuses on – this is mostly done through powerpoint slides, adapted from our accredited classroom programs, as well as supporting documents

2 – Starting points/Templates – within each toolkit, you will find numerous document and/or spreadsheet templates, which you can modify/personalise to suit your organizational needs. 


Why do the hard yards of reinventing wheels when you can take save time and “labour” $$ by using adaptable templates, or even as stimulus to your own documents?


I was also asked about the cost.  My response – when you calculate the time and money used to create your own…. Time and Money well saved by buying the toolkits.



I hope this has clarified for many the questions that Steve asked.


Thanks Steve



Till next time Cheers from the ITIL® Australia Team at The Art of Service



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