What are MIS Systems?

In so many instances, people have unknowingly dealt and actually came into an interaction with a management information system. However, due to the complex definition that computer experts have attached and associated with MIS, these people have not realized that they are actually dealing with it. 

So, what are management information systems then?

Management information system is merely a group of several elements or entities – information, people, process, computer system, and product – that work together to achieve the goal of the organization.  The MIS is usually a central-controlled system for ease of use and ease of control.  The MIS Manager is usually the one who mans the whole MIS entity. 

A Management Information System is typically designed o perform not only a handful of processes but all things that are imaginable to you.  Primarily, any MIS is capable of gathering and collecting of information and has a superimposed capability to store and manage these captured data.  When necessary, the MIS is capable of providing easy access and manipulation and conversion of these data into a meaningful one.  As part of the manipulation and control the MIS is also in capacity to control the natural flow of in and out of information in the whole organizational system.  And ultimately, the MIS is and should be capable of producing massive results in a form of a processed data for organizational use. 

These forms of processes are actually evident in all establishments that we encounter on our day-to-day dealings – banks, hospitals, restaurants, malls, and even schools.  Only that we are becoming “unwilling ignorant” of this technology. 

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