What Are the Benefits of ECDL Advanced Courses

ECDL advanced courses consist of modules on word processing, spreadsheets, database, and presentations.  Each module has a corresponding certification.  It means if candidates for advance ECDL pass the higher word processing module, they can be certified as advance users of word processing and are given special certification for it.

The basic ECDL course work is not a prerequisite for the advanced courses.  However, it would be useful if candidates have deeper background on basic ECDL.  That’s because the advance courses use the foundation course as basis.  Modules of advance courses derive some of its basic precepts on the basic courses.  However, if computer users have enough guts and knowledge of the core computer applications, then they can quickly jump to the advance courses and get the coveted certification for it.

In the United Kingdom, if candidates can successfully pass any of the three prescribed modules, they can be allowed to take the British Computer Society Level 3 Computer certification.  This certification includes the advanced Unit E of the BCS for higher IT usage and applications functionality.   It is a step forward towards gaining membership in the prestigious roster of BCS.

Upon successful completion of the ECDL advance courses and certification.  A final license will be awarded.  Successful examinees therefore can now apply for Expert computer license.  It must be noted that the Expert license is not issued automatically by the governing bodies of the ECDL or BCS.  Candidates must apply for it and it will be given to them for free.

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