What Are the Components of a Sample Disaster Recovery Plan?

Here is a sample plan provided only as a guide which can be used as a guide or an example of a disaster recovery plan. (This means it is not the only way to create a project plan.) Do research on the subject (Disaster Recovery Plan) thoroughly before embarking on a disaster recovery project to get better results. It is recommended you ask for a consultant to help you out in your disaster recovery planning attempt. It is NOT a simple project that you can accomplish easily by yourself (even with the best research facilities.)
There are six parts of Disaster Recovery Planning. You have the first part called Program Description with its phases which are: pre-planning of activities or Project Initiation, vulnerability assessment and general definition, requirements, business impact analysis, detailed definition of requirements, plan development, testing program, maintenance program, initial plan testing and plan implementation.
The other 5 parts of Disaster Recovery Planning are: Planning Scope and Plan Objectives, Project Organization and Staffing; Project Control; Schedule of Deliverables; and Resource Requirements.
You can get an idea of the complexity of the process through the program description. Its complexity requires adequate information processing resources and numbers of technical staff, and of course an appropriate budget (or sufficient funds.)
The Planning Scope and Plan Objectives of the Disaster Recovery Planning can be used to enable the organization to prepare to survive an alarming disaster and to continue with regular operations after a tragedy strikes.
The Project Organization and Staffing parts can be utilized for full implementation of any plans in their most effective and efficient methods as possible.
Project Control, on the other hand, acts as the support system of the management software itself.
Schedule of Deliverables creates the necessary schedules and so that the project can be maintained by phases.
And lastly, the Resource Requirements phase that is divided into three categories which are personnel, capital costs and on-going costs. This sums up the disaster recovery plan.

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