What are the Components of a Service Level Agreement Recruiting Sample?

Before we present a service level agreement recruiting sample, it is important to know first of all what a service level agreement when used for recruitment actually is. A service level agreement used for recruitment is actually a formal description of what the business expects from any candidates that will be interviewed by the personnel or hiring manager for a position within the business. A service level agreement for recruiting is important because it:
– Establishes standards for professionalism that must be observed by the candidates and the recruitment staff
– Helps assure that only the best candidates will be selected for the positions that are open for hiring. The components of a thorough service level agreement recruiting sample are:
– A clear description of what exactly the candidate will be doing in that job position when successfully hired.
– A comprehensive candidate profile that indicates the background sought in the ideal candidate.
– Possible relationships the ideal candidate has prior to being hired or would eventually develop in the course of performing on the job.
– A plan for going about advertising the position and contacting likely candidates for the position called a sourcing plan.
– Creating a schedule for recruitment that will help keep the hiring team on track when sourcing, interviewing and hiring ideal candidates for the positions.
– A policy of presenting and interviewing only those who are truly qualified for the position.
– A commitment to exploring the potential of ideal candidates in a more in-depth manner, so that candidates know exactly what the job will require from them.
– A commitment from the hiring manager to submit a thorough evaluation of the ideal candidates they are eyeing for the job within 24 hours from being interviewed.
– A commitment to use a formal standardized process to interview and recruit candidates.
– An agreement within the hiring team to limit the number of candidates to interview to just three or four at the most.

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