What are the Components of the PMBOK Process?

The Project Management Body of Knowledge (or PMBOK) is a set of best practices of Project
Management, broken down into different processes and areas of knowledge in this field of discipline. The
PMBOK is classified as the IEEE Std 1490-2003 standard of Project Management concepts that can
be applied in multiple types of occupation.

The five main process groups may overlap and work in synergy within a certain phase or for the project it
self. You can define a process based on its inputs (such as the design, plan, or documents used);
mechanism used for inputs (like techniques and tools employed); and outputs employed (namely the
products and documents that come into play.)

The nine areas of knowledge may be composed of at least one of the five main process groups (or a
combination of two or more.)

You may find that majority of the PMBOK database is especially applicable to Project Management
alone. The PMBOK is a special product of the Project Management Institute.

The Project Management Institute may allow you to take the first level of Project Management
certification which is the Certified Associate in Project Management (or CAPM) form of accreditation.
Or you could aim directly for the Project Management Professional certification (or PMP.)

If you opt for the first level of certification, that means you have pursued at least 1500 hours of work
within project team conditions; or that you have completed academic training in Project Management
reaching up to 23 contact hours.

For the second level, you need to prove you have been pursuing continuous experience and education in
Project Management before three years are up or you forfeit your PMP ranking.

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