What are the Different Kinds of ECDL Resources?

There are many kinds of ECDL resources which can be used as study materials in preparation for the ECDL exams. Majority of ECDL resources are available on the Internet so it would be quite easy to access it.

The first type of ECDL resources are manuals and reference books.  Usually, these resources are available on local libraries and book stores.  These manuals provide valuable instructions on the different methods and techniques of handling computer applications.  The utility of manuals can be enhanced through actual hands-on practice on a computer workstation.  In this way, the step by step process of creating, editing, and managing files can be studied more thoroughly.

Another ECDL resource are sample exam questions.  These practice questions can be used as a measure of computer skill and as a way to determine the test-taking abilities of ECDL trainees.  When taking the ECDL practice questions, it should conform to actual test conditions.  The results of the sample exams will be the basis of the candidates if they need more training or if they are competent enough take the ECDL certification exams.

There are websites however that can provide specialized modules.  For example, if a candidate only needs to refurbish their database management skills the resources on this module can be made available to them.  This is a more focused approach on utilizing ECDL resources.

ECDL is an important qualification not just for office personnel but also for educators and students.  To successfully pass the process in one sitting, they must take advantage of several ECDL resources that are widely available on the Internet and in libraries.

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