What Are the Knowledge Management Issues?

Many companies are now acknowledging the importance of knowledge management practices in their organization and in dealing with their clients. It has been known to make companies more effective and efficient in the implementation of projects, which in turn makes them more competitive. Knowledge management strategies should work if these have been properly planned. However, planning means that there are knowledge management issues that must be identified and addressed. Without understanding the issues, a company cannot start strategizing. What are the common knowledge management issues that afflict organizations? First, companies sometimes have bits of information, however they do not know how to use and handle them. There should be awareness among staff that sharing small insights are important to build improvements bit by bit.

Top-level management should, of course, create avenues for staff to share information such as forums or blogging. Second, top management should find out what are the gaps in knowledge management flows and then find solutions to these gaps. This requires a basic understanding of how the company operates and the current practices and policies. Third, many knowledge or information is not shared but only kept by individuals to finish their own work. The management should be able to improve technology to improve networking and contact among employees.

It should also provide an encouraging environment for informal learning and sharing of various best practices. There are many ways to do this. Management could encourage staff by opening avenues for the staff to effectively communicate their ideas. There are many knowledge management issues and some of them may or may not be present in some organizations. The important thing is to identify them and find solutions right away.

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