What are the Project Management Methodologies

In implementing a project, every manager, trainer or consultant needs to have a good
methodology to effectively instigate a project. Project management methodology is a
group of processes, procedures, tools and system that is necessarily used to help the
project manager carry out the project.

Steps on creating a project management methodology:

1. You have to define the requirements and conditions of methodology.
Implementation of the right methodology is very important to successfully
execute the project. Your methodology needs to be clear and comprehensive, so
as not to be misinterpreted. It should also be flexible, appropriate and attainable.
2. You also have to evaluate the existing internal methodologies. After you have a
clear perception of the requirements, you can now assess the company’s existing
project procedures. You can compare the current internal projects and tools to
your requirements and verify if there are gaps and differences.

3. Evaluate third party methodologies. There are ready to use methodologies that
you can easily adopt. Research other existing methodologies and compare it
against the requirements. But you have to make sure that it is suitable to your

4. Assess the design of custom methodology. There are cases that you should
develop your own methodology. Although it is time consuming and expensive,
this will add a unique structure in your project.

5. Choose and apply the methodology. You can choose the best possible solution
that will help your staff develop and improve the practices quickly. This involves
creating a plan, creating training materials for your staff and many more.

Project management methodologies enable the manager to plan the whole Work
Breakdown Structure of project. This also tells your staff which tasks and activities
are needed to successfully finish the project in time. It plans the project and tells who
should finish it and how to complete it. It actually provides you a map to carefully
track the critical needs of your project. You will also be able to monitor your progress
and control your delivery.


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