What are the Requirements to become a Project Manager PMP?

Since Project Management means that a Project Manager will be required to harness all the project
resources at his disposal to assure the correct implementation and success of the project in question
within the constraints being experienced. This may seem quite a simple thing to assure stakeholders but it
is harder than it actually looks.

One reason for difficulties to crop up is that the Project Manager is inadequately trained for this particular
project – so that when problems arise, the Project Manager finds himself paralyzed with fear and
indecision, afraid to take the risk of pursuing a certain action but equally afraid of making mistakes if he
does pursue that course of action.

To be considered for the position of Project Manager PMP, it is necessary to have the necessary
background for the job. Some requirements you may need to show proof of are: resident of the area
where the project will be undertaken; experience in use and management of a Mainframe environment for
a specified period of time; knowledge of and skills in MS Office applications; a proven capacity for
leadership of at least five years; additional training in the discipline where Project Management is to be
implemented (such as Information Technology) for a certain number of years; and the ability to commit to
a contract (whether short term or long term.)

Yes, Information Technology is one field where Project Management is greatly in use and needed right
now. If you are a PMP, you may want to bone up on your IT skills; while if you are an IT person, you
should do research on what Project Management is. These two approaches complement one another and
help you to gain proficiency in both to make synergistic results happen.

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