What are the Responsibilities of a PMP Project Manager?

Like the term and acronym indicate, a PMP Project Manager is basically someone who knows how to
manage projects and has earned the accreditation of being a Project Management Professional to show
that capability.

One of the responsibilities of a PMP Project Manager is to hold project management training for the rest
of the team at his work. For instance, if he is a Project Manager for a construction site, then that means
most likely the other members of the construction project have no idea what Project Management is all
about and how it will affect implementation of the construction project objectives and the expected

When you have attained the accreditation of being a Project Management Professional (PMP), the most
obvious expectation is that you can manage projects for your employer or organization much better than
anyone else. And the definition of better, as applied this way, means minimizing or even eliminating as
much possibilities of failure as possible by using the best possible Project Management techniques and
tools at your disposal.

Another responsibility of a PMP Project Manager is that you need to be able to identify the past, present,
and potential risks that your current project faced, is facing, and will be facing in the near and distant
future. Once you have seen the risks, you can then make an educated discussion as to whether to hire a
risk management professional on whom you can unload the risk management aspect, or simply face and
manage these project risks yourself with help from your team.

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