What are the Tasks of a Software Configuration Management Engineer?

Over the years, the Internet has become an essential business tool that companies utilize for communication, research, promotional and other related purposes. In the same vein, a stable computer network system has become an integral part to the success of the business. Aside from being the primary means of communication from one department to another, secure computer networks are also being used for data storage and data processing. Any slight change made within the network can adversely affect the business and the entire system, which is the reason why companies make use of configuration management techniques. With this, there will be better control and management of the hardware and software components included in the network.

If you want to excel in the Information Technology industry, one of the job descriptions that you can apply for is to be a software configuration management engineer. The main task of a software configuration management engineer is to work on software development projects  including the installation, modification and upgrade of existing software components within a network. As the name implies, you would need to utilize software configuration management techniques. This includes reviewing, modifying, approving, monitoring and incorporating the necessary changes to be made with the software components of a computer network. You would also need to build a model of specific software environments and plan the software configuration control of existing projects. Usually, a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or Computer Engineering are the most qualified to be a software configuration management engineer.

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