What Are The Theories In Change Management

Companies today needs to create ways to improve their business. This not only includes
the service you can offer to your clients but also changes you can implement to further
develop your managing skill in dealing with your employees. Theories in change
management are important guidelines for your company. Geoffrey James, the author who
wrote the book “Giant Killers” argues that “need is the source of conceiving new
innovative ways to improve management. And these methods and techniques are based
greatly on people.

He says that businesses and corporations today must be community based and managers
communicate openly with their staff. Industries today need to create venues for social
interaction between employees and managers, developing a fun filled environment. He
says that staffs are to be treated equally and not as children, which leads you to hire
motivated and changing the concept of separation between the workers and managers.
This encourages the informal methods of working in the company. This also eliminates
the atmosphere of fear and functions in trust.

This theory really sounds good and has proven great business outcomes. Success may
reveal an exceptional management, but it can also cover up any errors in the execution
and decision you make in your business. The development of small and medium
enterprises heads on the same path. If you observe prominent companies and other
hierarchy establishments, people based management is applied and proven to be an
effective method. Today, several companies partner with other suppliers, customers and
even competitors. You have to bear in mind that theories in change management is
essential to further improve your service to your company, clients and staff as well.


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