What Are The Various CompTIA Exams Available?

CompTIA exams come in various forms. Though generally thought to be vendor neutral, the exams may be observed to favor Microsoft Windows to a certain extent.

The A+ certification exam is given to those who want to be accredited as computer technicians from a vendor neutral accreditation organization like CompTIA. The latest version of the A+ certification exam would be the 2006 Objectives Exam since the 2003 Objectives Exam has been retired this past June 2007 already. To be certified under the 2006 Objectives exam, you need to hurdle the A+ Essentials as well as either one elective in the Depot technician, Remote support technician, or IT technician categories.

To be deemed qualified to pursue the A+ certification exam, you need to have undergone at least 500 hours of actual work experience. The A+ exam itself is made up of multiple choice questions in an computer-based testing environment. The exam is made more complicated since some questions may possess more than one correct answer for them.

It is still possible to train in the 2003 Objectives exam in some countries outside the US where the content is deemed a portion of the training process.

To get A+ accreditation, you need to have practiced extensively the concepts of practical computer repair, direct memory access, and IRQs. Other topics of equal importance are installation and repair of printers, power supplies, network cards, modems and hard drives (among others.)
More than 800,000 individuals have been granted CompTIA A+ accreditation as of this year, throughout the world.

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