What Can Network Management Inc. Do for Me?

Network Management Inc. is a company based within Washington, DC , which serves mostly small- to
medium-sized companies by providing customized networking solutions and appropriate support systems
to them. The company aims to supply solutions that are both flexible and specially geared for the particular
needs of the client companies.

Network Management Inc. creates administrative and support systems for both networking and systems
needs of its customers. It can troubleshoot computers and networks alike, and takes pride in its quick
response time for this type of service.

The company can monitor your Server Health; conduct data backups; implement remote connectivity for
all mobile users (whether they are in branch locations or are remote users); monitor server applications;
install anti-virus software protection; implement anti-spam solutions; eliminate malicious software
(malware) and spyware; perform a Security Audit and Management; create appropriate Disaster
Recovery programs along with High Availability Solutions; and initiate IT Asset Management along with
Change Tracking. Plus, Network Management Inc. can monitor your systems round-the-clock, 365 days
a year, non-stop.

Fortunately, for Network Management Inc., its customers usually refer their own social contacts to the
company because they themselves are satisfied with the services they got from Network Management Inc.
in the past. At the same time, the old-timer customers still come back because they like the services that
Network Management Inc. provided in the past and expect the same level of the service for their present
needs. Some client companies that Network Management Inc. has been able to work for before are
Property Management Firms, Real Estate Development Companies, Professionals, Medical Practices,
and Lobbyists.

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