What covers the ITIL Framework?

As a business organization adapts ITIL®, it should be understood that  ITIL® documents are not just the best practices but it also embodies framework and methodology. The ITIL® also covers complete scope of people, processes, products and the use of partners called as ITIL® framework.
The ITIL® Framework provides modules that show the overall scenario and structure of ITIL®.  From the ITIL® Framework it will show that the business environment is closely aligned with the Business Perspective Module and technology with the ICT Infrastructure management module.  The Service Delivery and Service Support modules are in the heart of the ITIL® Framework process. 

The following are the seven modules that comprise the ITIL® Framework:

1.  Service Delivery:  includes the required process in
     planning, specifically on the long term planning of
     improving the delivery of quality IT service.  
2.  Service Support: covers the day-to-day support
     and maintenance functions in the IT services.
3.  IT Infrastructure Management (IT IM):  covers the
     work from identifying the business requirements from
     the bidding process, to the testing, installation,
     deployment, and ongoing operation and optimization
     of the IT components and IT services.
4.  Planning to Implement Service Management: covers
     the areas in planning, implementing and improving
     service management processes of the organization.
5.  Application Management: describes how to manage
     applications.  From the start of business need,
     through the application of lifecycle, up to retirement.
6.  The Business Perspective: includes advice and
     guidance for IT personnel to better understand on
     how they can contribute to the attainment of the
     business objective to maximize profit.
7.  Security Management: includes the definition of the
     level of security information and IT services. 

It is only through the understanding of the ITIL® Framework, an organization will appreciate the use of ITIL®.


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