What Do We Mean When We Talk About PMP Prep?

One possible meaning of PMP Prep is that it refers to the PMP exam preparation stage. To adequately
prepare for the PMP accreditation exam, we should know first the content of the genuine exam.

The real PMP certification exam is composed of 200 questions, which you can answer using a
multiple-choice answer selection format. Out of these 200, twenty five are actually pre-test questions that
are eventually employed in the later iterations of the PMP exam itself. However, to a newbie at Project
Management accreditation, it is virtually impossible to identify these 25 questions as being pre-test
questions. An examinee is only given four hours to finish the whole exam.

If you took the paper version of the PMP exam, you will get your test results within eight weeks at the
most. Those who chose the computer-based exam version will get a printout of their test results right after
the test is finished. It is up to you which one is preferable for you. Your test results ought to show your
total score, as well as how you fared in the different areas of the exam.

So, your PMP prep efforts ought to follow this type of test administration methodology. First, you should
know what the coverage of the exam questions will be (not necessarily the specific questions.) Second,
you could look for mock PMP exams to practice with. But the value of any mock exam lies with the
ability to come up with logical answers under time pressure. So bear in mind that it is you who can
adequately understand what you are capable of doing under a limited space of time.

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