What DoD Enterprise Architecture Brings

The use for enterprise architecture is not limited to businesses. Any organization who wants to operate at optimum level can benefit from it. One strong aspect that obviously comes hand in hand with it is the company s IT systems. But it is actually more comprehensive than that. In a business, it looks at the business as a whole; its processes, its organizational structure and its overall performance. But enterprise architecture has also been accepted in the federal government. Federal Enterprise Architecture models are in place for the federal agencies to follow.

In relation to this, you will see the DoD Enterprise Architecture or the Department of Defense Enterprise Architecture.  In this DoD Enterprise Architecture comes the model that illustrates standards and IT systems that would support a service-oriented office to be able to deliver the best service through technology and sound standards underlying it. The DoD Enterprise Architecture Technical Reference Model helped the Department of Defense identify the redundancy in technology and applications in its effort towards net-centricity. It was there to help make decisions about further IT investments to be made and to ensure Federal Enterprise Architecture alignment. It did so not only on the top or superficial level but also it looked into the layers of the architecture at the component level and the technologies supporting each.

What the DoD Enterprise Architecture really illustrates is a framework that Federal agencies can adapt. It provides the set of standards, specifications and technologies that will favor an inter-agency, inter-DoD and intra DoD seamless cooperation and teamwork.  So different federal agencies can learn from this framework and adapt best practices in processes and technology in going for their own goals and target framework or architecture.

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