What Does the Job of Project Analyst Process Improvement Change Management Entail?

Basically, a project analyst for process improvement change management does just that –
analyze a project based on how processes can be improved so that change management can be
carried out properly. Usually, the term project analyst process improvement change
management is used for IT-related positions.

If the project analyst is to handle the IT systems for the organization, this employee will
have to supply change management support for hardware and software as well as other related
IT assets of the organization such as network systems.

The Request-for-Change (RFC) lifecycle systems also fall under his jurisdiction,
encompassing initial assessment of RFCs which have been appropriately logged; helping those
affected by the changes with regards to navigation of RFCs; guaranteeing proper
identification of change request status through continuous record updates; and initiating
post-implementation reviews.

The project analyst should be in constant contact with key stakeholders with regards to the
project status, while organizing change implementation schedules as well. For instance, the
release activities of the different IT environments must be coordinated by making the
project analyst cooperate with Release Management and Configurations Management. Other
stakeholders will eventually be involved in the work of the project analyst.

The project analyst will play a support role in the functions of a change advisory board
made up of business and technical experts who will help the project analyst understand
complicated RFCs and provide solutions, if necessary. In turn, the project analyst will
have the support of junior analysts who will be trained in sub-functions so that the
project analyst will be free to work on weightier matters concerning process improvement
change management.


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