What ERP Can Do to You and Your Company

As you try to make your business expand, you would like to know from time to time how things are doing.  Your plans of expansion do have a bearing on the way things are managed.  You make decisions based on results and therefore you need to be aware of what is happening within departments and your company as a whole.

A system that will provide you with information within an enterprise is called as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).  ERP is an application process system that handles planning, transaction processing and accounting functions integrated across functional areas.  ERP is a packaged software designed for a particular enterprise.  The system has the capability of interfacing with the enterprise existing package (depending on the software compatibility). ERP popularity in the market gave rise for most companies to develop large software applications to help companies implement ERP.   The system binds the process system of the organization.  As each department have their own system in carrying out their divisions task, the ERP will allow them to continue their existing system and still be able to communicate and share data easier to other departments within the enterprise. ERP makes the procedure simple and seamless.  It provides transparency in terms of performance.  It allows users of data access or retrieves data on the system on a limited access.  With ERP, you need not have to be going around and monitoring your departments, the system will speak for itself.

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