What Goes Into a Good Sales CRM Product?

If you really need a readily accessible Sales CRM (or Customer Relationship Management) product, then you may need a web-based program. A web-based Sales CRM product allows you to tap into the database from anywhere in the world where Internet access is available.

You should choose a product whose interface is both logical and user-friendly; allows you to maintain a list of prospects, contacts, and accounts with detailed information about each; and whose access data is based on Microsoft Office.

Ideally, managers should have managerial control over the entire system so that the manager can monitor the activities of each sales representative on his sales team; forecasts can be made by the manager using managerial decision-making tools; and sales representatives can post their progress on the system for viewing and analysis by the manager.

The product you choose might also have an MIS (or Management Information System) for Executives which permits you to analyze all data in the entire sales-oriented business; gain access to current customizable reports which permit the executive to create business decisions quickly and proactively; and supplies generated reports that will permit the executive to do in-depth analysis for the purpose of evaluation of and formulation of strategic goals.

Why is a good Sales CRM product very important to have around? First, all businesses exist to sell something (either a product or a service or both). Second, all sales teams need a way to stay organized about their progress while using a system that is easy to access. Last, sometimes business decisions have to exist or be conducted at multiple levels in a sales-oriented organization.


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