What Good it is to Practice IT ITIL Management Service?

The ITIL® version 3 was focused on value based and
business focused.  The ITIL® management service includes
service strategy, service design, service transition, service
operation and continual service improvement.  The ITIL®
management services uses the word "continual" as it
denotes continues service without paused.  And this is
specifically why the new version of ITIL® management is
on service management as provision of services
requires availability all the time.

The ITIL® contains the best practices in IT and has
been used worldwide.  The IT ITIL® management
service includes network service management,
operations management, management of local
processors, computer installation and acceptance and
systems management.   It focuses on addressing the
service support and service delivery for IT telecoms
and networks.

IT ITIL® service management is also responsible in seeing
to it that customers needs and expectations as well
as the cost associated for the services to the
organizations come into a realistic compromise. 
There is a need for IT ITIL® service management to
document all the IT services offered.  It should be
able to come up with a realistic IT services that will
allow customers to make use of what would match
the services they require. The IT service performance
indicators should be defined and monitor the quality
of service that is required and provided for to customers.

With the IT ITIL® Management Service as guide,
organizations provision of services to its customers
would be improved.  The continual service that it aims
to provide would surely help organization attain the
good reputation of excellent service that it provides
to its customers.

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