What is a Call Center?

 Looking at Todays Call Centers in a Different Perspective

When people hear the word call center, they always think about agents taking phone calls to serve customers. Yes, it is true that most call centers nowadays use voice as the medium of communication when interacting with customers. However, because of the increasing demand on finding ways on how to make convenient attempts in serving customers, business developers have resorted to alternatives such as live chat and email. These changed the definition of call centers in todays generation.

Call centers offer different services and can be classified as internal and outsource. When we say internal, it means that customer support can be given within the company or organization such as help desk services. Outsource means that the company will be hiring a third-party institution to support their customer service needs. Technical support is a given example on this classification.

There are also various types of call centers. One is inbound call center, which means that the calls being handled are coming from outside, usually from toll free numbers. An example of which is handling catalog orders. An outbound call center, on the other hand, has agents that directly call the customer or potential client to offer products and/or services. Telemarketing is an example of an outbound call. Another type is web-enabled call centers. From the term itself web-enabled, this means that customer interaction is done through the Internet. Live chat interaction is made possible through the use of a software tool designed to such processes. Truly, companies are making room for more options as far as customer service is concerned.

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