What is a Computer Operator Help Desk?

A Computer Operator, first of all, is an employee or staffer of an organization who has the
responsibility of maintaining and running computer systems of the organization on a daily
basis, with emphasis on mainframe computer systems. Thus, a Computer Operator Help Desk
could be said to mean a Help Desk Network that is staffed by Computer Operators who have
the complicated task of assisting clients with their mainframe computer system problems.

We say that the job of a Computer Operator is complicated because it requires the person to
not only possess a high school diploma, but also to possess technical knowledge in
troubleshooting problems with software and hardware; batchprocessing monitoring; system
performance maintenance and enhancement; increasing onlineavailability; and systems and
applications documentation maintenance. Other duties that the employer might add on to the
job description of a Computer Operator Help Desk staff are: system backups; computer room
equipment maintenance (inclusive of tape storage gadgets and printers); and even supplying
customer support of some kind.

It is important that Computer Operator Help Desk staff be able to absorb much (if not all)
technical knowledge about applications favored by the employer, how to run local area
networks, and operating systems being used in the organization as well. The Computer
Operator can be called a member of the Technical Support Staff, and may be known by other
job titles such as Help Desk Staff, Tech Support, Computer Operators, Technical Trainers,
Technical Support Engineers, PC Support Staff, Technical Support Specialists, Trainers,
Technicians, and PC Technicians.

Specific skills required for the job are: capacity to follow technical instructions to the
letter; assess problems and situations encountered so that a corresponding plan of action
can be drafted and implemented; as well as in-depth knowledge of the specific system or
technology being used.

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