What Is A Enterprise Application Architect?

Quite obviously, an enterprise application architect would be someone who does enterprise application architecture. He is someone who provides answers to different enterprise problems. And he does so with some concerns in mind. An enterprise application architect doesn’t just design a generic solution for everyone but he does so for every specific task an application is intended to do. The architecture of an application for an online retail store would of course be different from the one used by the accounts payable department of a company.

With a specific problem or a particular project at hand, the enterprise application architect is handed out usually a wide set of data. That together with several business policies and aims, he must come up with a suitable and optimal enterprise application. An enterprise application architect, of course, has a choice from the different platforms and from the different interfaces he can use. However,   he can only accomplish this task efficient if he fully understands what the problem is and what environment he is working on. All aspects must be taken into consideration. He must also see to it that the application is adaptable to future system upgrade and that the application he is designing can be extended in order to continue to answer the growing and changing needs of the company.  It is important that the application an enterprise application architect designs will help the company s system remain consistent in the future years to come so that it actually gives the company optimum business and optimum performance.

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