What Is a Mashup?

A mashup can be generally defined as the creation of new things from combining different other things. There are mashups everywhere but the most common are the digital, music, and web application mashups. But what makes these mashups differ from one another?

The digital mashup is a specific kind of mashup defined as a media file that may contain combination of texts, audios, animations, videos, and graphics. All these were taken from already existing sources and were combined to create a new digital work. This kind of mashup can be seen on different websites like online forums and blogs. Another type of mashup is the music mashup.

Music mashup is also known as bootleg. This is a song created through combining different music. Example of this is an a cappella combined with the recorded sound of the sea. Song from different artists can also be made into one music mashup. This is usually done through overlaying one track to another song. The beauty of mashup music depends on how well the songs were combined and how well the transitions are made.

Another kind of mashup is found in the web development. Mashup for this is a web application that can combine different data from two or more sources into one integrated tool. This mashup is composed of three parts. These are the content provider, which is the source of data; the mashup site, which is the web application providing new services through different sources of data; and the client web browser, which is the utilized mashup user interface.

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