What is a network help desk responsible for?

When we refer to the term help desk, it implies support services
rendered by a group of highly qualified people who work to help
people who feel lost when confronted with technical problems and
situations. Help desks are not all alike – for instance, a PC help
desk is different from a network help desk. A PC help desk involves
information technicalities within the realm of personal computers.
Network help desk work involves computer networking technicalities.
What is networking? Networking consists of multiple computer systems
that are linked together somehow. The formal definition is that a
network would be a chain of computers joined together in a certain
pattern or design that exchange information by communicating with
each other. There are many options on how a network can be formed.
It can be done by linking cables, radio waves, telephone lines,
infrared and Bluetooth, and satellite. There are 3 basic network
types: LAN (local area network) which is used for small areas such as
home-based offices and small companies; MAN (metropolitan area
network) that is employed for districts or cities that need to be
interconnected within a large area; and WAN (or wide area network)
which allows connectivity within states or between countries.
A network help desk assists with connectivity problems. This means
they solve problems that occur within the network such as troubles in
accessing the internet, or when Internet access is possible but the
user cannot seem to log in to their networking chat rooms, common IP
addressing problems, bad cabling, and poor connection speed, among

The similarities between a network help desk and a PC help desk are
that they provide assistance to callers using landlines 24 hours a
day, 7 days a week, and that they both employ people who are very
skilled and knowledgeable about computer systems to take your call.

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