What is a Network Management Application?

A Network Management Application is basically a type of software that is used within a network and was
made using certain Network Management protocols. These Network Management protocols will dictate
the functionality of the system, which in turn influences the network software management capabilities as

Open protocols are the main protocols employed by majority of system developers. But nowadays, there
are system developers who also create unique proprietary protocols that can be used for just one
particular Network Management Application for one particular developer alone.

When you are choosing Network Management software, you have to take into account the scope of the
network, and the nature of the network, which together make up the network environment itself. The
requirements of the network environment, the cost entailed, and the operating systems to be used are also
very important factors to take into consideration.

There are two main categories of network management protocols. The first, called Simple Network
Management Protocol or SNMP, is the most extensively employed network management protocol at
present. The other, dubbed the Common Management Information Protocol or CMIP, is more widely
used for telecommunication environments which lean towards the complex and the vast types of networks.

Since the Network Administrator has to be very, very familiar with the network management protocol, as
well as the data structures related to the data itself on the Network Management Application, this
requires spending much time being immersed in the inner workings of the network and its various
applications to ensure proficiency. Once the Network Administrator has mastered the system, he is in a
better position to address threats to this system.

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