What Is A Planned Change In Educational Management

What is a planned change in educational management?  Planned changes in educational
management are based on the concept that schools undergo three kinds of changes
according to renewal, reform and restructuring.  Planned changes in educational
management tend to be accepted depending the customs and culture of the school and
professional contribution it will give the staff.  This is because most people are unsure if
they will still be able to do their professional work satisfactorily if there are
“interferences” in the norms.

Renewal planned changes or activities involve those changes that assist the school or
organization to perform at a better and more efficient way than what they normally
practice.  Reform planned changes usually alter the existing culture, technology, rules,
procedures and practice of the school so that they will be able to adapt to different
circumstances (like from all-boys or all-girls to co-ed), requirements (like additional year
level units) and the latest (and future) technological advances.  Restructuring planned
changes are activities that change the way the organization handles or interacts with its

An important objective in the question of what is a planned change in educational
management would be to change the way people accept change from the reactive and
inactive state wherein they will maintain the “status quo” and ultimately resist the
educational change in order to preserve the old system of tried-and-tested education to
preactive and interactive where the educational system is actively engaged in the design
and concept of the desired change (Benathy and Jenks 1990).

There are plenty of models that can be adopted in a planned change in educational
management and it should be a given that administrators are directly involved in the
process.  But more than that, teachers, students and the whole educational organization
should be informed, made to understand and get directly involved in the planning and
implementation of the change in educational management.

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