What is a PMP Fastrack 5 Simulation Product?

An accredited PMP (Project Management Professional) named Rita Mulcahy created a PMP Fastrack 5
simulation product called the PM FASTrack PMP Exam Simulation Software (Version 5) with the
assistance of a psychometrician. This means the product (which is composed of 1400 questions) is
remarkably similar to the genuine PMP accreditation exam itself. You may take the questions based on
whether they fall under the PMP simulation, Super PMP simulation, certain keywords and/or concepts,
process group, or knowledge area categories of Project Management.

The question bank of the PM FASTrack PMP Exam Simulation Software (Version 5) can be
automatically upgraded if your personal computer has Internet access. Exam reporting then archiving can
also be upgraded through this product. The product can also provide questions that are worded in a
manner which may be quite similar to the questions in the real exam. And since the point of taking
simulation exams is to anticipate the real exam questions, this makes it advantageous for you.

You can also use the RMCs PMP Exam Prep Textbook to bone up on any exam questions in this
product which may have confused you or that you found too difficult.

The PM FASTrack PMP Exam Simulation Software (Version 5) can be used on personal computers
that are fitted with a CD Rom drive (if you will be using the CD version); Administrator usage privileges;
a processor of 600 MHz Intel Pentium III standard (or an equivalent product); 32- bit Windows XP or
Windows 2000; at least 128 megabytes of RAM (though it is advisable to use 250 megabytes for best
results); available disk space maxing out at 100 megabytes; and Internet access so you can get upgrades
for your product registration and question databank.

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