What is a Project Portfolio Management

New ideas kept on coming from your employees.  These ideas
you feel are great ones that it becomes very difficult on
your part to forego, as everyone seems to be of value in
the end if pursued.  You are piled up with project proposals
and you want them all done, but you are also aware of the
resources that may be involved in such.  Because these are
project proposals, the end results may be good or bad to
your organization.  You know that implementing project
proposals involves costs and you wanted to be sure which
of these should be given priority.

Software and consulting firms companies have created and
termed it as Project Portfolio Management.  It is a portfolio
that describes the various approaches of handling project
management.  It is a tool used by business organization to
enable them to establish a set of values, techniques and
technologies and allow them to take a visible look into the
project to be implemented, its standardization, measurement
and improvement process.  It allows organizations to handle
their projects following a continuous flow from concept to

The project portfolio management is an effective way of
coming up with a decision as to what projects should be
given priority as they relate to the business organization’s
strategic plan.  Projects under the portfolio management
are ranked based on the Return of Investment (ROI) and
the contribution to the strategic plan.

Do not waste your money on waste efforts and avoid risk,
project portfolio management will provide you the easiest,
fastest, and least expensive way to come up with an
inventory of projects, aligned with your business interest.

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