What is a VMware Clone?

A VMware clone is an exact replica of the actual virtual machine created on VMware program.  There are two types of VMware clones.  One is the full clone which is fully independent of the original virtual machine and serves as a separate entity with full functionality.  The second type is the linked clone which is only a reference of the original virtual machine.  Naturally a full VMware clone will take more disk space than a linked clone. 

VMware clones can be used as a testing environment of virtual guest machines.  Normally, it would take hours to set-up a virtual machine including the installation of its operating system.  When a security or a system update has been released, virtualization experts usually test its configuration first before fully applying it to the virtual architecture.  The long hours of set-up can be very time consuming and annoying especially if specialists have many tasks on their hands.  This is where the clones’ utility comes in. 

By creating a clone, system administrators can easily test new configurations on the actual replica of the system.  They can determine if it will work optimally or will create issues with the current set-up.  They can then diagnose and reconfigure a solution to the clone and see its results.  The customization then can be applied on the actual virtual environment, thus saving hours of set-up and avoiding trial and error configuration on existing virtual machines.  This will certainly avoid any damage to the virtual machines if conflicts occur with the new set up. 

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