What is APC Network Management?

APC stands for the American Power Conversion Company which makes the APC Network
Management Card. The APC Network Management Card is basically an IT tool for maintaining security
within a user environment (such as an IT network.) Network security has been and will probably be an
area of heightened concern for both IT professionals and company managers in the near and distant future.

When industry standards are followed for security uses of the APC Network Management Card, it
allows users to employ a variety of user environments to host their products. Users also stand to gain
more flexibility when they employ the APC Network Management Card, while configuring products to fit
a certain desired environment.

If you use an APC Network Management Card, you can use it with various devices such as the Switched
and Metered Rack Power Distribution Units (which are the AP78xx and the AP79xx); the Environmental
Management System known as AP9320; the Environmental Monitoring Unit called the AP9319; and all
devices that carry a Network Management Card of either the AP9617, the AP9618, or the AP9619
varieties (that are installed within a Smart Slot such as Symmetra, Silcon or UPS.)

The devices that employ an APC Network Management Card will require four interfaces to facilitate
remote configuration and control. These interfaces are the Simple Network Management Protocol (or
SNMP); the File Transfer Protocol (or FTP) plus Secure CoPy (or SCP) interface; the Telnet Secure
SHell (or SSH) interface; and the Web interface (also known as either HTTP or HTTPS interface.)


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